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Self-Mastery is the Highest Goal of Man

Our school of Light, holding day and evening classes, teaches about the Spiritual Laws of mind, emotions, and body that will elevate your consciousness and bring you to freedom and Mastery of the Seven Departments of your life.  This enables you to achieve the Higher Consciousness and the resultant Higher Life of peace, success, happiness, and abundance of all good.

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Rishis Institute of Metaphysics 
21933 Euclid Avenue
Euclid, OH 44117 
Please call 216-486-7240 for more info

All classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Astrology Class
Monday's 6:30-7:30 PM
October 7th thru December 9th
Learn the correlation between celestial phenomena, human personality and spiritual development.
Instructor: James Page Love Offering Donation
Deb Pruitt preseinights to better health.
Esotericee                  Esoteric Compliments of
            Astrology, Numerology and Metaphysical Sciences
                  Saturday October 12 and November 9, 2019
                                                  1-3 PM
Instructor: James Page  Fee: $20
Prepay Registration Required

Know Thyself
Dates for the next Six Week Class have not been announced.
Please call if interested in attending.
A course to help you overcome guilt, limitations, fear, failure and other negative conditions of life.  Know who you are and your relationship to the cosmos.  Get the greatest use of the subconscious mind, use silence and meditation, develop financial success, have greater poise and personality and have a happy and peaceful domestic life.
Instructor: Bob Burrows
Class offered on a donation basis.

Prepay Registration Required

Prepay Registration Required


West Side Classes

Auburn Classes

Please let us know if you are interested.

Please call if interested.

Classes are provided on a "Good Will Donation" basis.
All are welcome.

Call or email us if you have any questions.