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Self-Mastery is the Highest Goal of Man

Rishis Institute of Metaphysics is a center for the dissemination of the Highest Teachings of Truth.

Do you ask - Why things are as they are?

Why one person gets "all the breaks" and another experiences only misfortune?
Do you believe that things are fated, that they are "just meant to be", 
and nothing can be done about it? We say, you need to know that there are LAWS TO LIVING 
which are just as exact as the laws of mathematics. 
With these Laws, you can learn to LIVE and to solve every human problem.

The Rishis Institute of Metaphysics

was originated and organized for the purpose of helping individuals to understand the 
Laws that govern each of the seven Departments of Life. It is an outgrowth of years of 
research and experience in human relations, and the lessons given explain fully the 
inner Laws governing man. These Laws when learned and conscientiously applied, 
will help you to help yourself so that you may, in turn, help others; and in these changing 
world conditions, there is much you can do to help humanity.

The Seven Departments of Life

are parts or aspects of man's nature that make up his total being. You have seven Departments; 
Spiritual, Mental, Health, Vocational, Personality, Financial, and Domestic.

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Rishis Institute of Metaphysics

Our school of Light, holding day and evening classes, teaches about the 
Spiritual Laws of mind, emotions, and body that will elevate your consciousness 
and bring you to freedom and Mastery of the Seven Departments of your life. 
This enables you to achieve the Higher Consciousness and the resultant Higher 
Life of peace, success, happiness, and abundance of all good.

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This center was created for the Self-Improvement and Self-Mastery of the total Being--- body, mind, soul, and Spirit.
A variety of publications written and produced by the teachers of Rishis Institute of Metaphysics.
Our school of Light teaches the Spiritual Laws of mind, emotions, and body that elevate your consciousness and bring you to freedom & Mastery of the Seven Departments of your life.